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Video Social Media

Producing Something People Will Like

One of the key things for your small business is to “get its voice” and finding that voice can be difficult. When producing video, you become more of a face to the name and people can see you for a person not just a business name. We will help you stand out from your competition without becoming the laughing stock of YouTube (unless that is the purpose of the video) measuring results and gauging impact along the way – we will help you set your goals from the beginning and guide you to success.

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The Perfect Video Trap

Dont Get Caught In The Perfect Video Trap!

Creating the perfect video. Do you struggle trying to make the perfect video to fit all? Dont get caught into this trap – We are not advocating sloppy work . rather, we are suggesting you leave room for your audience to step in with their thoughts and ideas. Dont get hung up on production values when its the message in the video that is more important!

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Original Content – Get Inspired!

Get Inspired!

Get inspiration from your own passions and help teach others what you know. Curiosity draws viewers and building on a large audience starts with focusing on a smaller group.
Behind the scenes let your customers see an inside view of your company that are great to use along with product releases and can become more popular in some cases than the original content.  We will capture candid photos and get your community to see your business in action getting more value for your time.

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Small Business Video Production

Are you relevant?

When starting out to make a video for your business, begin by asking yourself; what is relevant to my customers? Why should they care? What’s in it for them? will all help in Connecting with your audience and creating stories that want to make them share with others. Even B2B have plenty of examples for good stories of how alive your company is, how fun it is to use their products, and how much your organization has helped them.

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