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Are you relevant?

When starting out to make a video for your business, begin by asking yourself; what is relevant to my customers? Why should they care? What’s in it for them? will all help in Connecting with your audience and creating stories that want to make them share with others. Even B2B have plenty of examples for good stories of how alive your company is, how fun it is to use their products, and how much your organization has helped them.

Create passionate human fresh stories and chat with customers while arming yourself with something to capture what they have to say. Try asking some customers a single question to unify their answers and string them together for an informative video.

Learn how you stand out in the crowd and take note anytime a customer compares you to another business – this is your voice and usually a strength to build on.  Questions can be a two-fold benefit – Ask customers more questions; what problems do they have? How might your business help resolve their problems? And if you are answering these questions, always be sure to get that person’s blog, email, or facebook so that when you answer it, you can share it with them.

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