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One of the key things for your small business is to “get its voice” and finding that voice can be difficult. When producing video, you become more of a face to the name and people can see you for a person not just a business name. We will help you stand out from your competition without becoming the laughing stock of YouTube (unless that is the purpose of the video) measuring results and gauging impact along the way – we will help you set your goals from the beginning and guide you to success.
Speed and timing are critical to connecting and informing your potential customer base. If you are at the tail end of a trend, you will not appear to many people – if you are initiating though, conflict, discussion, you become the central figure to what is happening. A video PR or blog that brings up new events, products, or uncomfortable topics (when done right) will not just get noticed by other bloggers and social audience, google, bing, yahoo all begin to see you as the SOURCE for the information. Content is king and being not just relevant but timely will put you on top the search engines.

Do you see yourself or your business as a source of information?
When you begin to plan your social media marketing remember to solve the hard questions that people are asking. If you are answering questions that are already out on the web or have heavy competition, your customers might not find you. When you solve a problem, it helps your customers do their jobs better, improves their lives, or makes them smarter, wittier, better-looking, better-networked, cooler, more enlightened, and with better backhands, tighter asses, and cuter kids. In short, its very high value to your customers, in whatever way might resonate best with them. Your story should be relevant, human, passionate, original, surprising, and truthful in how people use your products to add value to their live, ease their troubles, help shoulder their burdens, and meet their needs.

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